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The amount of food they give you is crazy! If you are craving fried seafood this is your place!

– Wesley J

Great for getting your fried food fix every now and then. The service is quick and portions are plentiful. A large order of the popcorn shrimp platter is more than enough for two people and the shrimp are always cooked so they 'pop' in your mouth, never chewy. I tried the fried oysters and flounder yesterday, awesome. The large tables require you to sit with others, which allows you to meet new people. My family and I always enjoy the experience here.

– Jennings B

Above avaerage seafood, scollops are a moist and crunchy A+. Atmosphere not the best but lets you experiance something new. GENEROUS PORTIONS, glad i ran out of food to eat! Its very nice to have a good meal and take a stroll through the market and buy fresh and local things! Very busy all the time there were no more tables and a line out the door, but they do a good job of keeping up. Very nice, solid 4 stars.

– Aaron T

Excellent food. fast service. large portions. Indoor or outdoor tables. Nothing fancy but just the best!

– Donna V

Always great food and service! Great place to stop for a meal but get there early. There is a line at the door on the weekend. Love the jumbo shrimp, catfish and clam strips. Hush puppies are the best around!!!!!!

– Ryan W

I have been coming to the Farmer's Market for years but have only recently started going to the seafood restaurant. And oh my god let me tell you, the food here is so good! The menu is your basic fish camp fare; it's well seasoned and not too oily. The best part though like everyone says is the portions you get. They give you SO much food that you definitely get your money's worth and then some. The first time we came here, my sister and I were going to share a large fried shrimp tray. They gave us so much food that the box barely closed and we were both able to stuff ourselves and have enough left over for lunch the next day. The restaurant is usually pretty crowded but the kitchen is fast and the food will always come out hot and fresh. Because most of the food here is deep fried, this isn't something that you should be getting too often but it'll definitely hit the spot when you're in the mood to be a little naughty and cheat on your diet.

– Zoua Y

My wife and I have always gotten the fried selections at this restaurant, though we try to minimize fried foods in out diet. The portions are huge and delicious, even shared. The last visit we decided to go for the broiled. My wife is highly allergic to strong spices like the one's in Old Bay Seasoning. When our first order came out, it was loaded with the "Old Bay" even though it says broiled. I took it back up and the manager put in another order even though it was close to closing time. He came back to our table and offered extra desserts because of the inconvenience. He came back a little later and brought a side salad, and apologized that the staff had made it exactly the same way, and he was going to personally, cook this one, which he did and it was excellent, with just butter and season salt. He went above and beyond to save long term, frequent customers, and I and my wife appreciate this as we run a small business on the side, and strive to provide optimal customer service ...

– Steve Cates


If you're going to seafood places in Raleigh, you're probably spending too much.

If you go here, you get the essentials. You get more seafood than you can eat, as much sweet tea as you can handle, and all for the low, low, low price of less than $10 bucks.

Now look, by "seafood", I mean NC style--breaded and fried. There is a broiled option though.

If you don't know about this little secret, you need to get in the loop ASAP.

P.S. This is NC style seafood. Therefore, specialties from other places (like crabcrakes) are not their forte.

– Dave C

Great place, great value, can't beat it for the price. If you are looking for a five star zagat rated meal and service you, like some of the other raters will be severely disappointed. It's counter service at the farmers market, not the Waldorf. The fish comes in daily, you can watch it come off the truck. They fry or broil it for you and serve it in styrofoam take out trays with plastic forks. It's a good meal for a fair price and I think the people who work there are nice. They try to serve everyone as fast as they can

– Silver Mount

I love it here ! The prices have slightly increased but it's still a good value. The food is always fresh and hot. The tartar sauce is always yummy. The hush puppies are perfect and golden. I always get the shrimp. However they have so many types of fish and Deviled crab available. If fried seafood isn't your thing you can always order your food broiled. The lemonade here is bomb.! The staff is friendly and the crowd is diverse. Definitely worth a visit !

– Brie B

Fantastic local NC seafood. Fast friendly staff also.

– J.D. H

The best fried fish and hushpuppies you can get in North Cak-a-laka.

I make it a requirement to stop by here for the fried catfish every time I visit the NC.

– Chris S

Great food for a very affordable price. This is a great spot for college students because you get so much food. Most of the time I spilt a plate with someone because its so much.

– Brittenay C

5 stars! Unless you own a shrimpin' boat, you will not find more fresh seafood! And it's fried to perfection!

– Bradley N

Traditional fried seafood and chicken. More food for the money than most places with bottomless drinks, homemade tarter sauce and tables with AC! Tons of fries and hush puppies too. Love it!

– Bob P

This was my first visit. Best fried seafood I've had in a long time. I had an oysters and shrimp combo. Just delicious. Huge servings too, hush puppies, steak fries and slaw. It's a fun atmosphere too. I'll be back over and over.

– Rodney B

If you like southern style fried seafood, you can get your fix here. The prices are low and the plates a re big,. They are open 7 days a week and generally crowded. The kitchen runs very efficiently and you food is ready in minutes. I enjoyed my flounder and oyster combination, served with slaw and hushpuppies.

– Rob W

I go here with my family every time we are in Raleigh. A classic sampling of NC seafood, tastes fresh from the dock. I'm partial to the fried oysters. A lunch size is enough for two. Hush puppies are the savory kind. Slaw is good and fresh. Located right beside farmer's market. Always packed but served fast and we've never had a problem finding a table. Some broiled fishes available. Very informal, order in a line, cement floor, picnic table seating, but just great basic fresh seafood, partial to the fried side.

– Tuttidirezioni from TripAdvisor

After a stroll through the Farmer's Market. there is no better place for a meal of fresh NC Seafood. Served efficiently in a rustic setting and reasonably priced ---What more could anyone ask???

– FCMgigi from TripAdvisor

Great seafood for a great price. They give you enough to fill you up and have leftovers, and everything I've had there has been delicious (shrimp, clam strips, deviled crabs, and flounder). A combo plate comes with a ton of hush puppies (the slightly onion-flavored kind), fries (semi-thick cut, like steak fries), and cole slaw too. The cole slaw isn't the best to me, but that doesn't outweigh how great everything else is and how much food they give you for the price.

– Matt P

Best place too go hands down fresh seafood all around at a great price. !!!!

– Teresa G

C'mon everyone... This is a no-brainer. Best, quickest, freshest, fairest seafood restaurant you'll ever find. We've done Calabash, 42nd street, Angus Barn, all very good -- as is thos place... Except here you can relax more, alot more, and enjoy good company. Service has never been a question and we've been going 20 years, yes, even before they had the new, high volume system. Expect a line, but yoi won't waut long. Scope out the tables when you walk in......

– Tim A

Seafood is good for what it is. This isn't a restaurant on the water but it's good quality. Great place for a quick bite to eat on the weekend

– Sarah B

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