NC Seafood is already off to a fabulous start this year! We are so thrilled to now officially hold the title of the best Calabash style seafood restaurant in Raleigh.

We have earned this title from our outstanding Google reviews, where we have the highest ratings out of all the Calabash seafood restaurants in Raleigh! This is all thanks to our wonderful customers, so we are incredibly grateful for every individual who has taken the time to leave us a review on Google, Yelp, and customer reviews on our website!

Why NC Seafood is the Best Calabash Seafood Restaurant in Raleigh

According to our numerous positive reviews, our customers absolutely love 3 main things about our restaurant:

Our Portion Sizes

Our customers continously rave about our generous portion sizes! Most individuals will quickly tell you that one order is certainly enough for two. Or, if you just want to save all the scrumptious, fresh seafood for yourself (as many do, and we definitely understand why!), our portions can provide the best leftovers.

NC Seafood 5 star Reviews

At NC Seafood, we don’t believe in giving our customers small orders. We want you to leave our restaurant with a thoroughly satisfied and full stomach. So, if you’re a seafood-lover that wants a lot for their money, NC Seafood is the place for you.

The Freshest Seafood Available

Our customers also regularly leave us reviews saying they just can’t get over how fresh our seafood is! In fact, we’ve had countless customers say our seafood is just as fresh as that on the coast. This is because we receive daily shipments of fresh, local seafood right from the coast of North Carolina to our restaurant to please our valued customers. That’s right, we want you to enjoy the freshest, most delicious seafood in town!

Review from Angel on Google Business

The Location

Eating delicious seafood is already wonderful in itself. But, being able to do so AND shop at the State Farmers Market makes it even better! Our customers love our convenient location right within the Raleigh State Farmers Market. Right before or after you eat, you can easily walk over to purchase tons of local produce and goods. This not only allows for enjoyable food, but an overall enjoyable experience.

Review from Carly on Google Business

As you can see, NC Seafood is certainly a local favorite. However, don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews for yourself! You can view them here. After seeing all of our excellent reviews, why not head on over to NC Seafood for the most delicious, fresh seafood in town!

Don’t Miss Out, Stop By Raleigh’s Best Calabash Seafood Restaurant Today!

Visit NC Seafood today to discover why we are the best Calabash style seafood restaurant in Raleigh! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on our delicious options! Check out our menu and come on in to enjoy the best! Or place an order online for pick-up! We look forward to serving you!