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What is in the Best Oyster Sauce?

Oyster shell, lime, and oyster sauce image used for a Raleigh, NC seafood restaurant's blog on what is in the best oyster sauce.

Join our seafood enthusiasts as we dive deep into the world of oyster sauce, exploring its key ingredients, and the secrets to choosing the best oyster sauce for your needs, as well as how to make an oyster sauce recipe at home that will become a family favorite.

We Tested Several and These are the Best Seafood Seasonings

Fried crab cakes and potato wedges have been cooked using seafood seasoning to enhance their flavor

Although we’re all about lightly seasoned seafood with no frills at NC Seafood, our team has tested several different seafood seasoning combinations you can try at home, taking the guesswork out of it for you. View our top picks and learn how to pair them for a perfectly flavored meal.

A Guide to Cooking the Perfect Clams Everytime

how to cook clams

If you’ve ever savored the exquisite taste of perfectly cooked clams, you know that achieving that delicate balance of tenderness and flavor is a culinary art. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast looking to impress guests with a gourmet meal or a home cook eager to explore the wonders of how to cook clams, we have the answers you need. 

10 of the Best Herbs and Spices to Flavor Fish

best seasoning for fish

The team at NC Seafood, a Raleigh Calabash-style seafood restaurant is exploring the best seasoning for fish. Join us as we discover the amazing flavor profiles and cooking techniques for getting the most out of your herbs and spices when seasoning seafood dishes.