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How to Choose Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable seafood, such as the crawfish in a stainless steel skillet pictured here, are beneficial to the aquatic ecosystem and your health.

Learn how eating sustainable seafood is beneficial to your health and the longevity of our aquatic ecosystems. By learning how to choose sustainable seafood, we can extend our seafood sources for the future.

4 Ways You Can Do Your Part in Ocean Cleanup


Are you tired of seeing a plastic bag or bottle floating in every body of water you pass. Maybe you’ve taken steps to decrease your plastic consumption or helped raise money to stop those who harm marine life? Whether you are in search of new ways to use recyclable materials or thinking about ways you […]

Enjoying Seafood on a Keto Diet

seafood keto diet

If you’re following the Keto Diet, you may be struggling to find options. Learn how fish and seafood are great for Keto, plus get a recipe!

How to Make a Seafood Boil


The calendar indicates that it is officially summer, and that means cookouts! Yes, we are getting outside and using our grills, fryers, and boilers to entertain and delight family and friends. One of the mainstays for the summer menu is seafood. OK, we love our seafood fried. But, if you love seafood then you also […]

Chef John’s Salmon Cakes

If you love salmon and like it cooked different ways, then you need to try Chef John’s Salmon Cakes! You get the delectable taste of salmon with added ingredients that give it just the right enhancements for an unforgettable experience in your mouth. And, they are oh-so-easy to make. Wondering what to prepare as a […]

Is Shrimp Healthy? Nutrition and Calorie Facts

Shrimp Nutrition and Calorie Facts Calabash Seafood Restaurant Raleigh

Seeking a healthy, high protein, low carb food to enjoy? Shrimp may be the answer. Whether or not people know the health facts surrounding shrimp, it’s not understatement that we love it! How much so? Well, a typical American will eat roughly 4 pounds of shrimp annually. So we get it, people love it, but […]

Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Meal

Here at N.C. Seafood, we love the holidays – there is such a feeling of joy and festivity in the air, and no matter how old we get, the magic doesn’t seem to go away! That being said, the holidays can also be a bit stressful with parties, shopping, and getting everything done on time. […]