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Is Shrimp Healthy? Nutrition and Calorie Facts

Shrimp Nutrition and Calorie Facts Calabash Seafood Restaurant Raleigh

Seeking a healthy, high protein, low carb food to enjoy? Shrimp may be the answer. Whether or not people know the health facts surrounding shrimp, it’s not understatement that we love it! How much so? Well, a typical American will eat roughly 4 pounds of shrimp annually. So we get it, people love it, but […]

Fresh Vs. Frozen Fish – Which Should You Buy?


If you’re wanting to prepare a delicious seafood dinner, most likely, you’ll head to your local grocery store to get what you need. You see fresh fish lying on piles of ice that look appealing but there is also the same type of fish that’s neatly wrapped in a nearby freezer. Which one will deliver […]

Seafood Appetizers to Serve This Season


If you’re hosting a gathering during the holidays or having a dinner party, serving an appetizer is a great way to keep the crowd happy while you get the main event ready. Since turkey or ham is the star of the show, our Calabash seafood restaurant in Raleigh is sharing some amazing seafood appetizer ideas. […]

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The Best Side Dishes for Fish and Seafood


You’ve got a delicious seafood recipe – maybe you’re steaming a live lobster or doing a whole roasted salmon. You may even try serving up your own Calabash style seafood with a platter of fried catfish, but what are you going to serve with it? You’ve got nothing to worry about because we are sharing […]

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Keep Your New Years Resolutions with Seafood Recipes

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to eat healthier or to lose weight, we know it can be a challenge. To help you enjoy a Healthy New Year, in addition to a happy one, we’re sharing some delicious, healthy, AND simple seafood dinners that will make it easier to keep your New Year’s Resolution for […]

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Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Meal

Here at N.C. Seafood, we love the holidays – there is such a feeling of joy and festivity in the air, and no matter how old we get, the magic doesn’t seem to go away! That being said, the holidays can also be a bit stressful with parties, shopping, and getting everything done on time. […]