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Delicious Seafood Plates on a Budget

Pictured is a seafood plate of scallops, shrimp, and clams.

If you’re looking to cook delicious seafood plates that won’t take your entire paycheck, look no further than this blog post. From selecting local fish to exploring economical seafood, you can cook tasty meals without putting a dent in your bank account. Read all of our ideas here!

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How to Reheat Seafood the Proper Way

how to reheat seafood

If you’re curious about how to reheat seafood the proper way to achieve a tender and juicy inside and a crispy outside, you’ve come to the right place! We’re sharing the best methods to use, plus alternative ways to reheat seafood. Read on here.

Fish Recipes for Selective Eaters

Fish recipes for selective eaters includes salmon with a savory sauce and grains, pictured here.

These simple yet delicious fish recipes are sure to satisfy selective eaters. While some people’s diets and aversions don’t allow them to eat all types of food, these fish recipes are lean, free of inflammatories, and provide wonderful health benefits.

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Why You Should Eat Seafood At Least Twice A Week


Nutritional advice has never been so accessible – and so confusing – as it is today. Between social media overload, constantly shifting influencer opinions, diet fads and so-called experts, it can be nearly impossible to know just what advice you can trust. There are some pieces of wisdom, though, that have been time-tested and scientifically […]

How to Choose Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable seafood, such as the crawfish in a stainless steel skillet pictured here, are beneficial to the aquatic ecosystem and your health.

Learn how eating sustainable seafood is beneficial to your health and the longevity of our aquatic ecosystems. By learning how to choose sustainable seafood, we can extend our seafood sources for the future.

4 Ways You Can Do Your Part in Ocean Cleanup


Are you tired of seeing a plastic bag or bottle floating in every body of water you pass. Maybe you’ve taken steps to decrease your plastic consumption or helped raise money to stop those who harm marine life? Whether you are in search of new ways to use recyclable materials or thinking about ways you […]

Back to Basics: How to Select, Prepare, and Shuck Oysters


Did you know if you enjoy eating oysters, you can shuck oysters and prepare them at home anytime with the right tools and tips. Whether you want to put them out for a party or have them for yourself, you can buy live oysters from your local fish market and prepare them at home with […]