Raleigh seafood restaurant supports clean beaches and oceans

At NC Seafood, we take pride in being voted the best Calabash seafood in Raleigh. While we know that seasoning and cooking method plays a part, cooking up top-quality, fresh seafood is just as important! We take our seafood seriously, and because of that, we take our oceans and rivers seriously too, which is why we want to share how we can all play a role in protecting them. 

There has been a lot of news coverage lately about plastic pollution in the ocean and how it’s affecting marine life, fish, and shellfish. The scientists with the Sea Education Society have calculated over half a million pieces of plastic per square kilometer are creating a “trash island” in the Atlantic ocean. Fish, water birds, and other animals try to eat the plastic or get tangled in it, leading to injury and death.

These news stories are tragic, and it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed. After all, what can we do to help make our oceans better? 

Actually, we can do a lot to make our oceans and waterways cleaner. This leads to healthier sea life and better quality fish and seafood being caught by fisherman off the coast of North Carolina. All of us at our Raleigh Calabash seafood restaurant want to do our part and we’re passing on some simple ways to reduce plastic consumption on to you!

Replace Bottled Water

Bottled water is definitely convenient to take on the go, but Americans consume around 1500 water bottles every second and only a small percentage is being recycled. When the bottles end up in the rivers and oceans, water birds mistake the caps for food and choke and small aquatic creatures get trapped in the bottles. 

Swapping disposable bottled water with a filtered pitcher and reusable water bottle or tumbler can save money and be a great start toward ending plastic pollution. You can even order a reusable plastic bottle that looks almost exactly like the “real” thing. 

Say No to Plastic Shopping Bags

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, and each one is only used for around 12 minutes. Many of these bags end up torn and shredded when they’re in the water, and birds, fish, and sea turtles mistake them for food, which can be fatal, but if we eliminate plastic bags, we can save 100,000 marine animals each year!

To reduce plastic bag usage, consider taking a few canvas totes with you to the grocery store and keep one in your car for quick, impromptu stops when you’re out and about. 

Even reducing your plastic bag usage can be a big step. How many times have you unloaded groceries only to see one or two small things in several different bags?  Mention when you’re at the checkout that you’d like to reduce the amount of plastic bags you take with you or, if you’re just going a small distance with a few items, skip the bag all together. 

Switch to Cartons for Milk and Juice

Milk and juice jugs, like water bottles, don’t break down, and while there are some great ways to repurpose gallon jugs, there’s a lot that end up in the landfills and then the ocean. Instead of going for plastic jugs, switch to cardboard cartons that are biodegradable and take up much less space in trash cans. If you’re a pop drinker, switch to aluminum cans or glass bottles that are easier to recycle. 

Swap Your Single-Use Plastics for Reusables

Pretty much everything from straws to sealable storage bags have a reusable version now. Check out Amazon or a department store like Target for inexpensive, BPA-free, reusable straws, bags, containers, and more (we’re partial to these boat-printed sandwich bags). They’re great for lunches, and over time, they’ll save you money while you’re keeping trash out of the ocean!    

Shop the Raleigh Farmers’ Market

Instead of getting plastic-packaged produce at the grocery store, head over to the Farmers’ Market in Raleigh for fresh, ripe produce! Shopping local is one of the most eco-friendly steps you can take beyond reducing plastics.  More importantly, you’re getting to enjoy a bounty of delicious fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses that are all freshly harvested or made right around the Triangle area. 

Visit Us at the Raleigh Farmers’ Market for Fresh Calabash Seafood

We hope you’re able to help us keep the oceans and waterways clean so we can keep cooking up the freshest, most delicious seafood the coast has to offer on our menu. While you’re at the Farmers’ Market, be sure to stop in and see us for lunch or dinner or order online for take-out and enjoy the best Calabash seafood in Raleigh.